Saturday, January 24, 2009

In ALL things.............Give Thanks!

Well, I don't know about you but this is a very hard thing to do at times....... Sure its easy to give thanks when all is well, things are going our way and life is smooth sailing. It is when you experience trials and stress that Giving Thanks in All things is difficult. When things happen that our out of your control and seem unfair...........we are still to give thanks in ALL things.......I will admit, I have had a hard time giving thanks in all situations lately. As many of you may or may not know Mark was terminated from Kennewick Police. We were so sure that God opened this door for him, we struggled through 5 months of Mark being away at the Academy.....we experienced financial stress, physical stress, emotional distress and many more things because the Lord opened the door for us and we walked our eyes we feel totally forgotten........depleted and warn out. However, Mark has been able to deal with the stress of this ok, He was under such oppression at work that for him to be out from under that has been refreshing to him. He did the best he could, but for Kennewick it was not good enough. It was very hard for him, but we know now that God has greater plans for us. I have struggled like I never have before, I will admit I was questioning God and His ways......I was asking Him where are you? Don't you know we are struggling? Don't you care what this has done to us? (As if He was unaware).....I have been asking God many questions.........and He has been silent. That is so very hard for me......I am not very patient when it comes to God's silence.....I need to know why things are the way they are, I know God hears my cry, but at this time He is choosing to remain silent. I am certain that He has a plan and we will one day look back and know that this was for the best. But, it is very difficult while you are in situations like this to understand the reason. But I know that God has kept us in His loving hands and we will remain there.

We are on a new adventure......Mark is opening up his own business.... "Columbia Private Investigation".......We are praying that God will bless this new journey and we have already seen Him moving. WE ask for your prayers as we try to feed & provide for the needs of 7 people. We will trust God that He will make a way for us. My job is going great, I truly thank God for it, and ask Him to sustain me while I struggle to deal with the stress at home, and at the same time remaining strong for work. God is molding me and this process is painful & uncomfortable, but I know He is at work and for that I am is a process, and He is making me into the person He wants me to be.........I am learning that not only in the Good times, but in ALL things to give thanks to our God who so gracioulsy provides for our every need according to His plan and purpose!

On the day He got terminated our devotion read this......"Life is not always fair, but God is always Faithful"........This is so true!

Surrendering to Him,



Brent Rust said...

Remember our last phone conversation when we talked about your college education? I do and I think everything is working as it needs to.

Joe said...

Kari, I know that you will come through this with stronger faith. Living at faith's address isn't easy. In fact its very hard. Hang in there. Watch how God supplies in amazing ways. Love to you all, DAD

Cami said...

We too have gone through the very same struggle when Eddie got out of the Navy. It was amazaing to see God take care of us...Jehovah Jireh!!
Those hard times really made me realize how GOOD God is. Through that time I referred to a list I wrote out of all that I was thankful for and a special passage...
Lamentations 3: 21-25. Looking back I rejoice greatly..because I got to KNOW my God ...and that is worth more than anything you could ever imagine!!
We are praying for you all!!
Love you much!

Sarahendipity said...

Thank you Kari for being so honest and open. I had no idea of your circumstances. I will lift up your family in prayer during this time. Keep up the positive attitude and your eyes towards Christ. What an amamzing testimony! :)

Jill said...

Kari, I had no idea. I will be praying for you and your family. ;o)